Affiliate Program FAQs

General Questions Regarding The Affiliate Program

Q. Does it cost anything to become an affiliate?

A. No. Joining the Jian affiliate program is absolutely free to qualified affiliates.

Q. I see you also have an agent program. What's the difference between an agent program and an affiliate program?

A. The Jian affiliate program is designed for companies/individuals that sell or promote products on the Internet through an individual website or network of sites. Affiliates do not engage in face-to-face selling with the end consumer and exclusively sell online. Agents on the other hand typically sell or promote products using more traditional face-to-face sales strategies and are usually focused on providing products or services that are targeted to a specific niche or vertical market.

Q. I'd like to refer a friend. Do you have a referral program?

A. We absolutely welcome referrals. However, at this time we do not have a referral program in place but do have plans to introduce one in the near future. As soon as it's available, we'll be notifying all of our affiliate members.

Q. Who is your target customer?

A. Jian products were designed with smaller businesses in mind and we would define a "typical" target customer as a business with fewer than 10 employees. However, we encourage you not to limit your sales and marketing efforts solely to these types of businesses, since individual business professionals inside larger organizations are often just a day away from becoming entrepreneurs.

Q. How do I let you know if my contact information changes?

A. If you'd like to change the contact information we have on file for you, start by logging in to your affiliate account. (You can access the Jian affiliate site by clicking here. After entering your username and password, you'll be taken to your profile page which displays your most current contact information. To make a change, simply edit the information in the appropriate fields and click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page. Your affiliate account will immediately be updated with the new information.

Q. Do I have to have a website to be a part of the affiliate program?

A. The Jian affiliate program was designed to provide affiliate marketers with the means to promote a quality business-to-business product and earn a commission through the promotion of the Jian products on their website or network of sites. However, even if you don't have a website it is still possible to be a member of the program and earn commissions. Examples of how this is possible include posting Jian banners or text links on your personal or business blog, or incorporating promotional text links in an existing email marketing program. However, please note that Jian does not condone or encourage our affiliates to engage in the distribution of Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) otherwise known as "Spam". If you have any questions about participation in the program, please contact the Jian affiliate support center at 877.872.6869 or email us at

Q. What kind of websites are a good fit for the program?

A. There are a number of different types of websites that we believe would be a perfect fit for the Jian affiliate program. Here are some examples:

  • Sites that promote business-to-business products and services
  • Sites or blogs that feature news or articles that would be of interest to small business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Sites or blogs that provide training or education to small business owners or prospective small business owners
  • Sites that feature legitimate "work from home" opportunities or promote franchise ownership.

In addition to these types of sites, any website that promotes discounted products and services or offers discount coupons to site visitors could also be a fit. However, in order to maximize the chances of success, we would recommend that these sites have an appropriate category in which to promote Jian products. Examples of suitable categories include, but are not limited to, "Business Products", "Business and Office Products" and "Business Software". If you have a question about the suitability of your site, please contact the Jian affiliate support center at 877.872.6869 or email us at

Q. Are there are any kinds of website you don't allow to be affiliates?

A. Prior to approving your membership in our affiliate program, we will review your website(s) to ensure consistency with the guidelines outlined in the "Jian Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions." We reserve the right not to accept any site into the Jian Affiliate Program based on site content. Sites that do not qualify for the program include:

  • Sites that contain X- rated content and/or promote sexually explicit materials.
  • Sites that promote violence and discord.
  • Sites that promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age
  • Sites that promote illegal or questionable activities
  • Sites that violate intellectual property rights
  • Sites that contain software download options that potentially enable diversions of commission from other affiliates in our program.
  • Other types of sites that we may determine from time to time.

Additionally, with respect to web sites, you may not explicitly or implied create or design your website, or any other website that you operate, in a manner which resembles our website. You also may not design your website in a manner which leads customers to believe you are Jian or any of our other affiliated business.

Q. I'm not located in the U.S. – Can I still become an affiliate?

A. If you're not located in the U.S. you can still be a member of the Jian affiliate program. However, please note that a number of our products have been designed specifically for the North American market and may not be a fit for businesses located overseas. Also, be aware that all commissions are calculated and paid in U.S. Dollars, so if you are located overseas, please ensure you're able to accept and deposit a commission check paid in U.S. Dollars.

Q. Can I advertise/promote your competitor's products on my site?

A. Yes. We understand that many affiliates specialize in promoting specific kinds of products and we're fine with our products being promoted alongside competitive products.

Q. Do you offer free trials of your products so I can check them out before I advertise them?

A. Yes. Many of our products offer a trial membership that you can take advantage of before applying for membership in the affiliate program. Additionally, we have product specialists who are available to provide you with an overview of the products. If you're interested in scheduling a product tour, please contact the Jian affiliate support center at 877.872.6869 or email us at

Q. Can I send traffic to specific pages within your site?

A. If you are familiar with HTML code, it is possible to send traffic from your site to specific pages within the Jian sites. When you choose one of our product banners to post on your site, a string of HTML code is generated that contains the following information:

  • A link to the location of the image on our site
  • The URL of the home page of the product site
  • Your affiliate ID

When you post the html on your site, visitors to your website will see the banner. Clicking on the banner directs the site visitor to the appropriate Jian product site and your affiliate ID is recorded and associated with that specific site visitor. By amending the site link contained in the HTML code, it's possible to direct users to pages within the product site other than the home page. Please Note: Unless you are familiar with HTML, we do not encourage you to alter the banner code. Also, if you do choose to alter the code, be sure that you don't change anything other than the destination link. If you alter other information, especially the affiliate ID information, it's possible that you will not receive credit for subscribers that came from your site.

Q. If I place your banners and links on my site, will you provide links back to my site?

A. Unfortunately, we do not provide links from our site to our affiliate member sites.

Q. I'm a member of the Google Affiliate Network. Can I sign up as an affiliate there instead of directly with you?

A. Yes. If you're already a Google Affiliate Network publisher, you can choose to become a Jian affiliate by submitting a request through that network.

Account Information, Program Support and Sign-Up

Q. How do I sign up for the program?

A. To sign up for the Jian affiliate program, click here and complete the application form. We'll review your application and email you confirmation of acceptance or denial into the program within 2 business days.

Q. What happens if I forget my login or password? How do I retrieve them?

A. If you forget your username or password, please visit the Jian affiliate program login page and click either the "Forgot Username" or "Forgot Password" link. You will receive an email with instructions on how to retrieve your username or reset your password.

Q. If I have multiple websites, do I have to apply separately for each of them?

A. If you would like to promote Jian products through multiple sites that you operate, you do not have to submit a membership application for each site. The banners and links that you download contain an affiliate ID that is specific to you and can be used on any site of which you're an owner. However, if you operate multiple sites and these sites are owned by different corporations, you will need to submit an application for each owner so that the commission payments can be paid to the appropriate entity.

Q. Who do I contact if I have questions about the program?

A. If you have questions about the program, please contact the Jian affiliate support center at 877.872.6869 or email us at

Q. Who do I contact if I have technical questions or questions about posting the links and banners?

A. If you experience problems adding the Jian banners or text links to your site, we encourage you to contact your site developer or site host. An example of the types of problem you should direct to your host or developer would be a situation where you've correctly added the banner HTML code to your site and the banner fails to display correctly on your site. Similarly, if you see the banner when you view your site in one browser and don't see it when you view your site in a different browser, you should contact your developer or host. However, if you've correctly posted a banner or text link on your site and you find that the banner or link is not working (i.e. clicking the banner does not direct you to the appropriate Jian site), you should contact the Jian affiliate support center at 877.872.6869 or email us at

Q. Where can I find my affiliate ID?

A. Your unique affiliate ID will be located on your Affiliate Profile page.

Q. How do I change my username or password?

A. If you'd like to change your username or password, start by logging in to your affiliate account. (You can access the Jian affiliate site by clicking here.) After logging in, you'll be taken to your profile page which displays your account information. To make a change to either your username or password, click on the "Change" link located to the right of your current username and password and enter the new information. Note: if you change your username, you'll be asked to log-in again with your new username.

Commissions & Payments

Q. I'm an affiliate. Can I earn commissions without placing your ads or links on my site?

A. As an affiliate, it's expected that you will place Jian product banners and text links on your site in order to earn commissions. If you do not operate a website, or typically engage in other forms of selling activities, then the affiliate program is likely not a good fit for you. Instead, you may want to consider the Jian Agent Program which provides an alternate means of earning commissions for selling our products. You can find more information about this program by clicking here.

Q. What are the commissions for selling your products?

A. The commission rate for our Business Coaching product is set as a percentage of the monthly subscription price. The percentage will be set upon approval as a sales agent, at a rate of up to 30%. As a Jian affiliate, you receive a commission for each month the subscriber maintains their subscription. That's long-term residual income for one sale!

Q. I notice that you offer a free-trial of most of your products. Do you pay a commission on visitors that subscribe to a free trial?

A. No. You will receive a commission upon successful conversion of a free trial to a paid subscription. This is one reason why we are able to offer residual commissions of up to 30% of the monthly subscription price. Please note: Your monthly commission will be based on the actual subscription price in effect at the time of the subscription. We may, from time to time, offer discounted pricing on our product sites in which case your commission may vary from subscriber to subscriber.

Q. How are commissions paid? Check, PayPal, Wire Transfer?

A. Commission checks are made via check each month.

Q. How often are commissions paid?

A. Commissions will be paid to the Affiliate on a monthly basis, with commission checks being mailed in the second week of the calendar month following the calendar month in which the Paid Orders were received. Any returns or charge backs will be similarly deducted from the Affiliate's revenue share. You are able to review your commission accrual in the Report section of your Affiliate Site on a daily basis.

Q. How do you know where to send my check?

A. Commission checks are sent to the address you enter during the registration process. If you need to amend this information, please log-in to your account and make the appropriate changes.

Q. Do you have a minimum payout? Is there a certain amount I must earn before I get paid?

A. Yes. Amounts less than $25.00 will be held until the calendar month in which the referral fee due exceeds $25.00, or until this agreement is canceled.

Q. Do you have a "return" or cancellation policy that will affect any commissions that have already been paid to me?

A. Jian will not pay a commission in situations where a subscriber makes a monthly subscription payment and subsequently decides to cancel their subscription and requests a refund of that payment. If a commission has already been paid to you for a subscription payment that was subsequently refunded, an amount equal to that commission payment will be deducted from the next commission payment due to you.

Q. Do I get credit for a site visitor I send to your site who decides to subscribe to one of your products at a later date? If so, how much later?

A. When one of your site visitors clicks a Jian banner or text link, a cookie is placed on their computer that identifies that visitor as having come from you. Affiliate will be credited with commissions for any products sold during the initial session and during subsequent sessions within 48 hours of the initial session, provided that the referred customer does not reset the cookie used in the Jian tracking software.

Q. Do I still get credit if someone clicks on one of your product banners on my site and then buys a different product on your site?

A. Yes. As an example, if a person clicks on a StarterBizPlan banner on your website and subsequently decides to purchase the StarterCRM, you will receive a commission payment calculated on the subscription price of the StarterCRM.

Activity Tracking & Reporting

Q. How are sales tracked?

A. Sales are tracked by incorporating your affiliate ID into the HTML code of the banner and text links. When users click on a banner or text link on your site, your affiliate ID is embedded in the URL enabling us to track user activity and purchases made by visitors coming from your site.

Q. Where do I go to view statistics on the sales I've generated and the commissions I've earned?

A. You can access comprehensive commission and site activity information by logging in to the Jian affiliate member's site and clicking on the "Reports" link at the top of the page. From there, you can view a range of information such as:

  • The products that were sold through your site(s)
  • The date that each product was purchased
  • The amount of each sale
  • The commission you earned on each sale
  • The number of visitors generated by each of your sites
  • The number of visitors generated by each of the banners/links you place on your site.

Q. Can I view performance statistics for each of the banners and links I place on my site?

A. Yes. To view performance statistics for each of the creative elements you place on your site, log in to your affiliate account and click the "Reports" link at the top of the page. The statistics will be visible in the "Affiliate Clicks Report" section.

Affiliate Advertising Materials

Q. What kinds of advertising materials do you provide to affiliates?

A. We provide affiliates with a range of advertising materials that can be used to promote the Jian suite of products. These materials include; banners, text links, email templates, videos and product tours.

Q. Do I have to use the banners and text links that you provide? Can I create my own?

A. You do not have to use the banners and text links that we provide and instead, may choose to link to our site(s) by placing links that you create. However, in order for us to track any sales made from visitors that you drive to our site(s), the link must contain your affiliate ID in the following format:

  • http://{our product URL}/?Affid={Your Affiliate ID}

As an example:


Q. How do I download banners that I can use on my site?

A. To download Jian banners, follow these simple steps:

  • Log in to the affiliate site.
  • Click the "Multimedia" link at the top of the page.
  • Select the "Website Banners" link on the left side of the page.
  • Select banner groups from the "banner group" dropdown then make a selection from the "Group Options" dropdown.
  • Click on the banner that you would like to download – this will open a field that contains the HTML code for the banner.
  • Copy the HTML code and place the code into your website.

Q. How do I create links to Jian?

A. If you would like to create your own text links that point to the Jian sites, you must ensure that your affiliate ID is incorporated into the link URL so that you can receive credit for purchases made by visitors from your site. As an example, if you wanted to create a link that points to the Jian home page, the link would be as follows:{your affiliate ID}

Q. Is there a minimum number of links I have to post on my website?

A. There is no minimum requirement as to the number of links/banners that should be posted on your site.