Are You Currently Selling Products or Services to Small Businesses? Would You Like to Expand the Range of Products You Offer?

If You Answered Yes to Either of Those Questions, Consider Adding Jian Online Products to Your Portfolio and Earn Recurring Commission of Up to 30%!

The Jian Online Sales Agent Program

The Sales Agent program is designed for individuals or businesses that sell or promote products and services through a mix of more "traditional" selling and promotional strategies such as face-to-face selling and online marketing. If you currently sell products or services to small businesses, or have an existing customer base and are looking to expand the range of products and services you offer to them, the Sales Agent program is the perfect solution. Becoming a part of our agent program gives you an opportunity to provide additional value to your current customer base and expand your offerings, while at the same time creating an additional revenue stream for you.

Partner with a Company That Has a Passion for Small Business

At Jian Online, we take the concept of partnering very seriously. We feel that being a Jian Online partner goes beyond simply adding our products to your existing portfolio and earning a commission. To us, partnering means that we provide you with comprehensive sales and product support so that your chances of success are maximized. Teams win.

What We Offer You

The program that we've assembled for Jian Online Sales Agents is second to none and offers you an unmatched opportunity to generate an ongoing commission stream to reward you for your sales efforts. The Jian Online affiliate program features:

Recurring Commissions – You work hard to provide value to your existing customers and open up new sales channels. Here at Jian Online, we think that you should be rewarded for it. For each new subscription sale, you'll earn a commission of up to 30% of the monthly subscriptions price - not just for the initial purchase but also for every subsequent month that subscriber continues their subscription!

A wide range of products to promote – Jian Online offers small businesses technology solutions that address many of their core business management needs. These solutions are offered both as individual applications and as part of value and product bundles. Click here to learn more about our suite of small business solutions.

Creative – We've compiled a comprehensive library of support materials that include:

  • Product training seminars
  • Product one-sheets
  • Product brochures
  • Email templates
  • Sales presentations
  • Order forms

In addition to online marketing materials that include:

  • Website banners
  • Promotional text links

Service and Support – Whatever your question, we're here for you! Not only do we offer our Sales Agents email and phone-based technical and product support, we've also added an instant chat feature that lets you get the answers you need, when you need them.

Product Training – Once you're enrolled in the program, we'll invite you to attend our product training webinar which will provide you with comprehensive information on:

  • The target market for our products
  • Descriptions of each of the applications in the Jian Online product suite
  • Product positioning
  • How to access the marketing materials
  • The order entry process
  • Agent program reporting

You'll leave this informative one-hour session with a complete understanding of the Jian Online suite of applications and be armed with the knowledge to successfully position our products alongside other products or services you're currently selling.

Detailed Reporting – As an agent, you'll be able to access comprehensive order and commission data by logging in to the Jian Online Sales Agent member site. The reports provide you with all the information you need to track product subscriptions and commissions, including information on the products that you sold through, the date of purchase, the amount of each sale and the commission you earned on each sale. Additionally, if you're promoting our products online, you'll also be able to see the number of visitors generated by your online marketing efforts and the number of visitors generated by each of the banners/links you place on your site.

Partner with a Company that Has a Passion for Small Business

If you're ready to partner with a company that has a true passion for small business, enroll in the Jian Online Sales Agent program today. Simply complete the online application and we'll process your request within 1 business day. There's no upfront cost so what do you have to lose? Join our team and get started today!