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Web-Based Applications that Help Small Businesses Grow and Thrive

The Jian Suite of Solutions

Jian Online offers small businesses technology solutions that address many of the core needs of their business. These solutions, packaged and marketed under the Jian brand, are sold on a subscription basis, and are available both as individual applications and as part of value and product bundles.

Jian Online – Individual Applications

Individual applications available to be marked through the affiliate program include the following:

Contact Management

Contact Management gives small businesses an essential tool to help them connect with their customers and build profitable relationships. Unlike other sales force automation solutions, the Contact Management application was designed specifically for small businesses and contains all the functionality needed to track sales opportunities and close more deals in less time. Now small businesses have a tool that makes it easy to schedule customer appointments, track projects, manage tasks and store complete contact information for their customers and prospects.

Marketing Communications

The Marketing Communications application helps small businesses turn their contacts into loyal customers. Seamlessly integrating with Contact Management, this robust solution offers businesses a simple way to improve the quality and frequency of communications with their customers and prospects. It comes complete with hundreds of sales document templates spanning a wide range of business topics and includes functionality to enable small businesses to build ongoing print and email-based sales and marketing campaigns.

Customer Issue Tracking

The Issue Tracking application is the perfect solution for companies that are either looking to implement their first customer service program or enhance a program they already have in place. It allows small businesses to track, prioritize and respond to customer issues and requests and comes with a number of features that are essential to the success of any customer service program – emergency issues can be "flagged" to ensure prompt handling, new requests can be assigned to support staff for resolution and business owners can create automated alerts to ensure they're always kept up to date with new issues that are impacting their customers.

Employee Data Manager

The Employee Data Manager is a desktop application that offers small businesses a more efficient way to manage Human Resources. It can be used to securely store a range of employee information such as tax and payroll data, benefits information, vacation and sick time accrual, personal and emergency contact information and much more. Now small businesses have a secure and cost-effective way to streamline their HR department, save money, control costs and protect their sensitive employee data. The Employee Data Manager includes a built-in review "wizard" to conduct employee reviews, ensuring consistency and making the process simple and efficient.

HR Communications

The HR Communications application is the perfect solution for growing businesses that aren't ready to hire dedicated HR personnel. It comes complete with a number of document templates that make it easy for small businesses to create and store an assortment of HR documents such as personnel policies, job descriptions, employee handbooks and more. Using the document builder, you can create, revise and store all of the templates and document drafts and make them accessible to team members through the secure document storage system.

Jian Website Builder

Creating a website has never been easier. The introduction of the website building application now means that any company can create a profitable online market for their products in just a few hours. The application comes complete with a range of style templates and utilizes intuitive widget-based web building tools so small businesses can create a true multi-media experience for their customers. Not only that, the Website Builder makes it easy to create a fully functional e-commerce site that features an extensive product catalog, user shopping cart options and checkout.

Jian BizPlan Builder Online

A business plan is the foundation of a business's future success. The Jian BizPlan application takes the pain out of writing a business plan and offers functionality that helps plan writers overcome the most common business plan writing obstacles. It comes complete with a range of plan narrative templates that includes narrative content for more than 100 different types of businesses. Furthermore, using Jian BizPlan, you don't have to be a spreadsheet expert or accounting guru to develop your financial statements. Just answer some simple questions and enter some basic assumptions about your business and the financial wizard will create a set of detailed financial forecasts.

Corporate Minute Writer

Maintaining a log of Corporate Minutes and Resolutions is a critical part of the business management process. Failure to document a corporation's activities increases the odds that a plaintiff's attorney can "pierce the corporate veil" should a business become the target of a lawsuit. The Corporate Minute Writer helps business owners avoid the risk of exposing their personal assets by simplifying the task of keeping corporate minutes and resolutions up to date. This invaluable web-based tool makes it easy to track, update and record a corporation's activities through a secure, intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

Business Consultation

We understand that business owners are faced by new business challenges each and every day. To help them successfully navigate those challenges, Jian Online has assembled a team of seasoned professionals who can answer any question that business owners may have. Any time they have a question about their business, they simply log in to their account and submit their question – it's that simple. Our experts have diverse business backgrounds and specialties and they thoroughly research each question before delivering a detailed response within 2 business days. The Business Consultation application is an essential tool for any business owner, and because it's web based, it's available to meet their needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Distance Learning

The Distance Learning application delivers 10 diverse business education channels that help entrepreneurs get the knowledge they need to become an expert in a number of core business disciplines. All of the content is delivered over the "web" and is divided into a series of "bite-sized" one to two hour lectures that cover all the core business disciplines including business law, human resources, insurance, bookkeeping, marketing, business management, sales and tax. The classes are delivered by skilled experts – business executives, top-rated college professors and notable entrepreneurs who share their extensive knowledge and unique experiences. Designed for the business owner with limited time and a packed schedule, the applications help them to unleash the profit-making potential of their existing business or new business concept.

Jian Online – Product Bundles

As well as marketing the individual Jian Online products, it's also possible to promote and earn commissions from selling the product and value bundles that we've created. Our experience has shown us that offering the bundles in addition to the individual products is the most effective way to generate sales and earn commissions.

Note: Just as with the individual products, you earn a commission every month the subscriber renews their subscription, and as the bundle subscription prices are higher than the individual product prices, you can earn more dollars for promoting and selling the bundles.

Product Bundles

Jian Online Products

Suitable For:

Bundle Savings

Customer Relationship Management

  • Contact Management
  • Marketing Communications
  • Customer Service
  • Small businesses looking for their first CRM system
  • Businesses looking for an easy-to-use CRM package


Human Resources Management

  • Employee Data Manager
  • HR Communications
  • Employee Reviews
  • Business Consultation
  • Distance Learning
  • Businesses looking to streamline or simplify HR management processes.
  • Growing businesses that are expanding their workforce


Value Bundles

Jian Online Products

Suitable For:

Bundle Savings


  • Contact Management
  • Marketing Communications
  • Customer Service
  • Website Builder
  • Distance Learning
  • Business Consultation
  • Corporate Minute Writer
  • Business Plan Builder
  • Early stage businesses or new businesses looking for a set of core management and productivity applications.
  • The Essentials bundle includes all the tools a new business needs to manage their customer and prospect contact information, establish a web presence, sell their products online, build a business plan, get advice from experienced consultants and maintain their corporate records.


Jian Complete

  • All the applications in the Jian Essentials bundle.
  • Employee Data Manager
  • HR Communications
  • More established businesses looking for tools to help them more effectively manage interactions with their customers and streamline their HR processes.
  • Growing businesses that are adding employees and looking for a more effective way to manage a growing database of customer and prospect information.


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